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Global Positioning System satellite and the earth.

SwopNet Waypoint DataBankModern GPS receivers include maps and can hold many waypoints.

Welcome to the web's largest collection of Global Positioning System (GPS) waypoints and databases of waypoints. A waypoint is the latitude and longitude of a significant location. This information is useful to travelers who own GPS handheld navigation systems, which is more and more of us. 

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Note: It should not be necessary to say it, but these waypoints come from many different sources and their accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
GARtrip Collection scroll most of the way down, select "Collections of Waypoint." Has pointers to numerous zipped files.
International Waypoint Registry rather light on content right now, but has potential. Depends upon submissions by users.
MapBlast worldwide latitudes and longitudes.
MapQuest how to determine lat & lon from MapQuest pages
Marine Planner lat/lon information for boaters
Microsoft Encarta World Atlas commercial product. Click on any map, reportedly it tells you the lat and lon.
National Imagery and Mapping Agency coordinates for everything in the world, but learning to use their site takes time.
Nature Reserve Waypoint Project a cooperative venture to collect waypoints of  junctions inside any nature reserve, and important points outside them. Coordinated by Hans-Georg Michna.
Searchable Global Database specify a lat, lon and radius and it will tell you interesting things about the area...towns, geocaches, wrecks, etc. Over 500,000 points.
Soaring Turnpoint Exchange downloadable files in various formats, maintained by John Leibacher for sailplane enthusiasts
Terrestrial Impact Crater Structures dozens of meteorite impact sites.
Thesaurus of Geographical Names provided by Getty Institute, has lats and lons.
TopoGrafix waypoint management software and waypoint data files for the US (1.6 million waypoints) and all other countries (millions more)
Travel By GPS GPS maps for recreation and travel, waypoints for hikers, boaters, off-road, snow skiing, birding, etc.
Waypoint Base relational database of waypoints, and a good list of links.
Waypoint.com books, charts, etc. for sale
Egypt #1 latitudes and longitudes of several pyramids.
Egypt #2 about 18 waypoints of Cairo, courtesy of Gareth.
East Africa #1 airports and other waypoints in Kenya, east Africa and neighboring nations, courtesy of Hans-Georg Michna.
South Africa #1 9 waypoints, courtesy of Gareth
Southern Africa #1 a web site devoted to Southern African waypoints.
Tanzania #1 14 waypoints of Kilimanjaro, courtesy of Gareth.
Zimbabwe #1 Victoria Falls, courtesy of Gareth


Antarctica #1 latitudes as far south as 65 degrees, plus a couple of south Argentina, courtesy of Stan.
Borneo #1 near Mt. Kinabalu.
Brunei #1 5 lists of Brunei waypoints.
China #1 four Hong Kong waypoints, courtesy of Gareth
China #2 28 from Hong Kong, courtesy of Paul Edwards
China #3 26 from Macau, courtesy of Paul Edwards
China #4 29 from Shanghai, courtesy of Paul Edwards
India #1 Taj Mahal, courtesy of Gareth
Japan #1 Mapoo map site, in Japanese, uses Toyko datum. Street level detail.
Japan #2 Tokyo, Narita and Nagoya, courtesy of Paul Edwards
Japan #3Excel spreadsheet of 450 aviation waypoints, courtesy of Jason
Jordan #1 four waypoints, courtesy of Gareth
Malaysia #1 courtesy of Alan Murphy, author of gpsutil.
Malaysia #2 a trip by Paul Edwards to Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia #3 courtesy of Alex
Maldives #1 3 locations, courtesy of Gareth
Nepal #1 differentially corrected, with altitudes, courtesy of Stan Armington
Philippines #1 treks and tourist destinations, courtesy of Ed Garcia
Singapore #1 146 waypoints in Garmin GARTrip format.
Singapore #2 a Paul Edwards collection.
Singapore #3 a Steven Chan collection.
Singapore #4 13 waypoints, courtesy of Gareth.
Singapore #5 courtesy of Alex
Thailand #1 Bangkok waypoints, courtesy of world traveler Paul Edwards
Turkey #1 Alanya area waypoints, courtesy of Mahdi, in 5 formats. dat | dxf | gdb | gpx | mps
Various #1 Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand collections
  Australia, New Zealand, Pacific
Australia #1 a Paul Edwards collection of Sydney waypoints.
Australia / NZ #1 a web site devoted to Australian and New Zealand waypoints.
Australia #2 6 waypoints of Sydney, courtesy of Gareth.
Gold Coast #1 another Paul Edwards collection, also has trip reports.
Australia #2a Australian Geographic Place Names Gazetteer
Australia #3 Melbourne area railway stations, hostels, navigable waters and tourist attractions, provided by Graham
Australia #4 Zipped Excel spreadsheet of aviation waypoints (airports, navaids and IFR turns), courtesy of Alan. Here is the same information in Magellan Points of Interest format.
Australia #5 Perth, courtesy of Paul Edwards
Australia #6 Adelaide, courtesy of Paul Edwards
Australia #7 Cairns, Queensland, courtesy of Paul Edwards
Australia #8 Combined list of all aviation IFR and VFR waypoints, navaids & airports as of April 2002, courtesy of Phil Lamb, plamb@2cba.org.au. Click on above links if you just want the individual text files.
Australia #9 236 cities, towns and points of interest, courtesy of Colin Gibbs
Australia #10 Ayer's Rock (Uluru), Northern Territory, courtesy of world traveler Paul Edwards
Australia #11 Many, many waypoints collected by Ian while touring
Fiji #1 Lautoka, Fiji, another set from Paul Edwards
Fiji #2 Includes waypoints from Fiji #1, courtesy of Martin Kanes
New Zealand #1 government site with lots of information. From Sean Nixon.
New Zealand #2 6 waypoints of Auckland, courtesy of Gareth.
New Zealand #3 Courtesy of Martin Kane
New Zealand #5 Every golf course on the North Island. Note: Requires registration for Microsoft Passport.
New Zealand #6 New Zealand Aviation Waypoints (Aeroplane), courtesy of Fly McFly
  Central and South America
Argentina #1 courtesy of Claudio Guillard.
Argentina #2 5500 coordinates of Argentine cities and towns, in Excel format, zipped to 165K. Courtesy of Ricardo Nieto. See more waypoint files at http://www.deaviacion.com/gps/index.asp
Argentina #3 very large collection from Richard Nieto, one-half meg zip file. It works with OziExplorer names search capability.
Brazil #1 a small but growing collection.
Caribbean #1 San Juan, PR; Aruba; La Guaira, Venezuela; Grenada; Dominica and St. Thomas; in GPS Utility format, courtesy of Jack Leister
Chile #1 many Chilean waypoints, broken down by region of the nation, courtesy of Claudio Guillard.
Costa Rica #1 22 Costa Rican locations.
Dominica #1 every tourist destination includes lat and lon. Courtesy of Steve.
Ecuador #1 courtesy of Claudio Guillard.
Falklands (Islas Malvinas)about 20 waypoints from Stan
Peru #1 Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, etc., courtesy of Gareth
Peru #2 available in Garmin Mapsource and ASCII formats, courtesy of Didier Stevens
Peru #3 courtesy of Claudio Guillard.
South Georgiaapproximately 20 waypoints, courtesy of Stan
Andorra #1 Pyrenees (Andorra, France and Spain), several hundred waypoints for hikers and drivers. Courtesy of David M.
Austria #1 11 Salzburg-area waypoints in Garmin GPS-III format.
Austria #2 a Paul Edwards collection of Vienna waypoints.
Austria #3 11 waypoints of Vienna, courtesy of Gareth.
Denmark #1 some motorway exits, courtesy of Hans Henrick Scheel
Denmark #2 four in Copenhagen, courtesy of Gareth
Finland #1 Arto Kojo's Finnish waypoint library
France #1 7 Paris waypointBart Garmin GPS-III format.
France #2 About 75 French waypoints in GARtrip format.
France #3 a Paul Edwards collection of Paris waypoints.
France #4 Waypoints from the Provence region, provided by Nir Alon.
France #5 about 60 Paris locations from Simon Holt and Paul Edwards.
France #6 9 waypoints of Paris, courtesy of Gareth.
France #7 Pyrenees (Andorra, France and Spain), several hundred waypoints for hikers and drivers. Courtesy of David M.
Germany #1A download this large (150K) page, then use your browser's Find function to search for town names. This file has place names from A through L.
Germany #1B second half of the collection described above. This file has place names from M through Z.
Germany #2 18 waypoints in Garmin GPS-III format.
Germany #3 a Paul Edwards collection of Berlin waypoints.
Germany #4 Mannheim, Heidelberg and nearby areas, from Gerhard Glaser
Germany #5 complete and accurate waypoints at German airports, courtesy of Hans-Georg Michna
Germany #6 2000+ Wegpunkte (waypoints) for hikers, courtesy of Erhard Mueller
Germany #7 waypoints of Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich / Munchen, courtesy of Gareth.
Germany #8 five Frankfurt waypoints, courtesy of Gareth
Germany #9 eight Berlin waypoints, courtesy of Gareth
Germany #10 nine waypoints
Greece #1 over 400 waypoints, courtesy of Chris. To download file in wpt format, click here.
Ireland #1 A few Irish waypoints.
Italy #1 Over 8,000 city waypoints, broken into files of 250 or fewer.
Italy #2 8000 waypoints with a search engine
Netherlands #1 points in and near Amsterdam, courtesy of Nico Bartels
Netherlands #2 Dutch motorway junctions and exits, from Tonny Verhoef
Netherlands #3 203 waypoints from the Achterhoek region, courtesy of bicyclist Rinus Luijmes
Netherlands #4 8 waypoints of Amsterdam, courtesy of Gareth.
Netherlands #5 all 370+ Dutch train stations, courtesy of Marc Pieters
Netherlands #6 courtesy of Alex
Netherlands #7 about 100 waypoints in Venray, southern Holland, courtesy of Piet Verbruggen
Northern Ireland #1 a Paul Edwards collection of Northern Ireland and Belfast waypoints.
Slovakia #1 click on hladaj on the right side of the screen. Slovakia and Central Europe.
Spain #1 massive collection of Spanish city and town coordinates, courtesy of Enrique Montesinos. 19,500 locations in wpt format, compressed into a 440K zip file.
Spain #2 Pyrenees (Andorra, France and Spain), several hundred waypoints for hikers and drivers. Courtesy of David M.
Sweden #1 a Paul Edwards collection of Stockholm waypoints.
Sweden #2 collections from Henrik Andersson
Turkey #1 two waypoints, courtesy of Dale
UK #1 Street maps for Greater London and road atlas maps for the whole of mainland Britain.
UK #2 a Paul Edwards collection of London waypoints.
UK #3 Over 5,000 UK waypoints, including places to eat, motorway services and junctions, car parks, petrol stations, munros, etc., suitable for upload to a GPS receiver.
UK #4 Lats and lons, with other information, for dozens of distilleries in Scotland.
UK #5 15 waypoints of London, courtesy of Gareth.
UK #6 English waypoints (Stonehenge, etc.), courtesy of Gareth
UK #7 Lats and lons for any address in "mainland UK," along with maps
UK #8 places to see Hadrian's Wall, courtesy of Poul and Geoff
UK #9 British Mountains, Hills and Fells, the 214 Wainwrights, 517 Munros & Tops and the Corbetts, in four different formats. Courtesy of Phil Newby.

  North America
AeroPlanner many interesting US locations, primarily for pilots but useful for anyone
AirNav Lats and lons of airports and navigation aids in the USA.
Alaska Trails for hikers and snowmobilers in Alaska. Add your own!
Maine - Allagash 9 waypoints in the Allagash area of NW Maine, USA.
Canada #1 British Columbia -- a book listing 3000 coastal waypoints, "free" with some purchases.
Canada #2 place names and locations in Canada.
Canada #3 Ontario -- Rideau Canal waypoints
Canada #4 airports, the result of a cooperative effort to input some printed data.
Canada #5 Ontario -- Ottawa area, courtesy of Gary
Census Bureau all populated locations in the United States.
Eagle GeoCode input an address, it tells lat and lon. US only.
Farmers Markets Locations of LocalHarvest farmers' markets
Golf By GPS locations at US golf courses. The "ultimate golf rangefinder."
GPS Maps for Rec & Travel waypoints for hikers, boaters, off-road, snow skiing, birding, etc.
Internet BMW Riders Assn. rally sites, cheap motels, BMW dealers, etc.
Louisiana Fishing Spots hundreds of marinas, reefs, dams, passes, etc.
Maps On Us input a US address, it shows a map and provides the latitude and longitude.
Texas - Laguna Madre for fishermen
TrailPeak.com Free waypoint/tracklog exchange of trails for hiking, biking, kayaking, etc.
U.S. #2 over 19,000 airports, heliports and seaplane bases, formatted ready to import into GPS's.
U.S. #3 Geographic Names Database from U.S. Geological Survey.
U.S. #4 searchable database for US locations in the GPS Waypoint Server, provided by Bob Wier.
U.S. #6 pointer to NIMA 18 megabyte (big!) file of aviation-related waypoints, courtesy of an anonymous airline pilot. Home page is here.
US #7 hundreds of mines (gold, silver, etc.) all over the US, courtesy of Ron Bogue
Virginia - Wild Oak Trail waypoints for visitors to this Virginia, USA, national recreational hiking trail.
Wild Out There users put in a waypoint using a map or an address or coords, add pics, files, rate the place, add to the notes about the place. Connects useful map-related sites.
Wyoming detailed maps, and a link to a free Windows viewer.
Yahoo! Yellow Pages how to determine the lat / lon of businesses found in Yahoo Yellow Pages.

GPS Satellite that sends precision signals which are interpreted by GPS receivers.Other Important GPS Resources

More-recent information can be found at Maps-GPS-Info.com. Information on GPS receivers and applications (some pretty weird) can be found at WaypointsWorld.com.

Joe Mehaffey's and Jack Yeazel's GPS Information Website . Whatever you want to know about Global Positioning System, it's likely to be here. Hardware and software reviews, GPS FAQ (FAQ's, actually), equipment manufacturer links, third-party software, ham radio applications, GPS vendors, laptop and palmtops, etc.

Robin Lovelock's Site. Robin has free laptop software and free maps and waypoint lists for many nations.

If you are looking for cheap hotels and airline tickets to these locations, check out Cheap Tickets They are owned by Cendant, the same company that owns Orbitz, but they often substantially undercut Orbitz prices.  

If you have additional information, links or corrections for this list, please notify the Webmaster. Waypoint submissions are welcome by e-mail to webmaster -at- swopnet.com!

A 100-year Time Capsule was buried in 2003 north of the Blanton Museum on the University of Texas at Austin campus, Texas, USA.


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