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Water, Wastewater, Environmental Engineering:

a mailing list about sewerage and sewage treatment plants. Emphasis on municipal and institutional.

a mailing list about Environmental Engineering.

free software (and a related mailing list) for modeling water distribution piping networks.

a mailing list for individuals wishing to do home repairs, including plumbing.

a mailing list about the plumbing business. Emphasis on commercial.

a mailing list for "anyone involved in the drain-side of the plumbing business."

non-profit mailing list for the interactive discussion of all areas related to trenchless technology

a mailing list about water and petroleum distribution piping networks. Emphasis on municipal and institutional.

star History of London Sewers, Part 1
"nauseating stench in the best of homes," by Mary Gayman

History of London Sewers, Part 2
cleaning up London's drains and sewers, by Mary Gayman

History of London Sewers, Part 3
the badd olde days, by Mary Gayman

Joseph Bazalgette, Father of London Sewers
his leadership resulted in almost 1200 miles (2000 km) of sewerage in the 1800s

star Photos of Thomas Crapper
or maybe it's just the actor who plays him at the Science Museum in London...

star Septic Tank Information at Swopnet
on-site wastewater disposal. You can't live with it, and can't live without it.

star Another Excellent Septic Tank Information Site
septic tank information from experts..

Sewer Repairsnew
Sewer survey and rehabilitation from the perspective of leaking sewers. with techniques and costs.

Is Water Reclamation in Your Future?
a vision of a time when "waste" water reuse is the norm, by David Venhuizen.

Human Waste Overwhelms India's War on Disease
world's second-largest nation suffers from poor sanitation.

Minimizing Sanitary Collection System Overflowsnew
a collection of ideas on reducing sewer overflows in municipal and institutional collection systems.

Capacity, Management, Operations, and Maintenance (CMOM) regulations, a link to the WEF site which says its information is authoritative. Find CMOM within NPRM 3, pages 237-242.

The Decentralized Concept of Wastewater Management
the case for decentralized wastewater treatment, by David Venhuizen.

Hydrogen Sulfide Can Kill You
article by Mary Gayman about the hazards of hydrogen sulfide gas (~15K)

study of the effect of ultrasonic energy on E. coli, with possible application in wastewater treatment.

Mechanical Engineering:

a mailing list about non-railroad industrial steam uses

a mailing list about district energy (heating and cooling)

Steam Distribution Efficiency
article by Fred Hooper about calculating the efficiency of steam distribution systems, along with info about his trap-maintenance and system-efficiency software

Other Engineering:

star Compact Fluorescent Bulb Review
they save energy, but do they save money?

star Natural Fiber Composites new
what happens to those plastic bottles you recycle? They become decks and car parts.

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