Steam-List is for people involved in industrial use of steam, like power plants, factories, district heat, district energy, universities and college campuses.

The Steam-List, an electronic mailing list (listserv)

No Spamming-Subscriber List Is Concealed The STEAM-LIST is intended for discussion of steam generators, piping and equipment. Boilers, boiler feed pumps, water treatment, corrosion and scaling, valves, PRV's, traps, turbines, flow metering, heating coils, condensate pumps, district heating, system modeling, that sort of stuff. There are no charges associated with being a's all free.

R a i l r o a d . L o c o m o t i v e s . are not generally covered by this list.

At last count, the STEAM-LIST had over 190 subscribers from all around the world.

To join, please visit the page and scroll down so you can click on steam-list.

To send a message to all the other list members, just compose an ordinary email and send it to

To change your subscriber options (digest mode, vacation, no mail, etc), login at:

If youšve never logged in, please follow the procedure on the login page for "first login" or if you've forgotten your password, please follow the procedure for "lost password."

The Steam-List has a 100% effective anti-spam feature, but it sometimes causes problems for the members. That feature is: If the list management software receives a message from somebody whose email address it doesn't recognize, it rejects the message and sends them an email saying that only list members can post to the list. This prevents (essentially) all junk mail from ever reaching the list, but it also means that a member whose email address has changed cannot post to the list. The problem is that sometimes a person's employer changes their email address for outgoing messages but arranges so they continue receiving incoming mail sent to their old address (for awhile). The person may not even know that their outgoing address has changed. They may continue to receive messages from the Steam-List that were sent to their old address, but one day when they decide to post a message they get one of the "never heard of you" automatic replies. If this happens to you, please let me know your old and new addresses and I will unsubscribe one and subscribe the other.

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