August 2006 Vacation in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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In August 2006 I flew American Airlines to Saint Louis, MO, USA for a business trip, and spend an extra day vacationing there after the business part was done. I drove an Enterprise rental car picked up at the airport.

The summer weather in St. Louis is hot and dry, so a wise traveller will explore as much as possible early in the morning before the temperature became an issue. I visited Saint Charles and its Lewis and Clark Museum, took the elevator / gondola to the top of the Gateway Arch, then took a 1-hour  ride on the Tom Sawyer riverboat, attempted to eat lunch at the round restaurant atop the Millennium Hotel (it was closed for lunch, open only for dinner), visited the St. Louis Science Museum (with IMAX theater), wandered around Laclede's Landing and visited the world-famous St. Louis Zoo.

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Saint Charles is one of the oldest areas of St. Louis, Missouri, USA Lewis and Clark Museum in St. Charles celebrates the first men to travel across North America

Man standing at base of Gateway Arch in Saint Louis From any angle, the Gateway Arch is stunningly attractive. At 630 ft. (about 200 m) it is the highest structure in St. Louis. Shadow of the Gateway Arch. Riverboat Tom Sawyer on the Mississippi River. It docks almost under the Gateway Arch. Laclede's Landing, a few blocks from Gateway Arch. Friendly hippo swims at world-famous St. Louis zoo.

St. Louis is a friendly city in the Heartland of America, well worth a visit by people who want to meet some average citizens.


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