September 2006 Vacation in Krakow, Poland

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In September 2006 my wife and I flew LOT Airline from Tallinn, Estonia, via Warsaw to Krakow, Poland. The city name is sometimes spelled Crakow or Cracow, and we were told it is pronounced CRAH cove with the "r" being rolled. The first flight was OK, the second was pretty dreadful due to no latch on the bathroom door and the fact that luggage was loaded after all the passengers and unloaded before all the passengers. Plus, our luggage did not arrive until the next day. Note: LOT has a tiny carry-on weight allowance so any vacationer will have to check at least one bag.

We prepaid for private transporation from the airport to downtown Krakow. That there seems to be no major highway linking KRA airport to downtown, so we travelled on unlit 2-lane roads for much of the trip.

We stayed for 3 nights in an apartment just a few meters from the main square downtown. This was an excellent choice, because the square (200m x 200m, very very large!) is where the action is. All day and evening mimes perform or just stand, horse-drawn carriages give rides to tourists, the bugler plays from atop the tower and people eat and have a cold one at the many restaurants.

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