September 2005 Stay in Bangkok, Thailand

Travelog / Travelogue / Travellog / Travellogue, or however you spell it!

Card for Wendy House hotel in Bangkok. Always carry card with you.Our family spent over a week in Bangkok, Thailand. Most nights we stayed at the Wendy House, about a block from the MBK Center. This is a nice, quiet guest house (little hotel) and the ladies at the front desk speak English. An inexpensive overnight laundry is right next door.

The MBK Center appears, at first glance, to be a high-end multi-story urban mall. On the ground floor you will find Starbucks, McDonalds, Mr. Donut and other recognizable (and semi-recognizable) stores. Other levels get a little different. For example, on level 4 you will find hundreds of tiny shops selling cell phones and cards for cellphones. A couple of stores also sell software CDs for incredibly low prices. The fourth floor is unbelievable, so you need to see it for yourself.

Map to Wendy House hotel. Show to cab driver, hope he can understand it.Level 8 is cinemas.

Most cab drivers are illiterate or nearly so, and they depend upon the cab dispatch person to tell them where to go. In general, they will not be able to understand a map like this one to Wendy House. Also, they will not understand the term "MBK Center." But the doorman of your hotel, or an educated passer-by, can explain to the cabby where you want to go.


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