Eanes TAG Association
Assisting the Talents and Gifts within Every Child
Frequently Asked Questions About Eanes TAG

What Is TAG?

The Eanes Talented and Gifted Association is a proactive parent support group for students in our district who have been identified for the gifted and talented program, and for their families. TAG supports programs and efforts to enrich the education of all students in Eanes, including but not limited to accelerated programs, mentorships, teacher scholarships, brown-bag speaker series, and Odyssey of the Mind. TAG sees its mission as expansive--doing whatever it can to help both students and teachers achieve the highest academic standards.

Incorporated May 31, 1995, Eanes TAG is a nonprofit Texas corporation and affiliate member (Region 13) of the Texas TAGT and National Associations for the Gifted and Talented.

Why Does TAG Exist?

People sometimes ask why gifted children and their families need a support group. Often, their reasoning is that very bright children have an advantage, particularly in their school life, that makes extra support unnecessary.

TAG provides information that helps families understand the needs of their children, whether academic, social, or emotional. Parents share information about special interest groups and classes (chess, geology, computer, space science, writing camps, etc.). GT kids often are interested in some activities before they are considered old enough--it’s great to find a friend with the same interest. For a family sorting out the types of diagnostic tests available, or looking at higher education opportunities, alternative forms of schooling, and independent studies, talking to another parent who has been there can be a big help. Sometimes a child just needs a friend with the same sense of humor! TAG can be a great resource for all these needs.

What Does TAG Do?

The following are some of goals that TAG members are currently pursuing:

Why Join TAG?

In addition to the support that comes from meeting new friends and their families, and the information shared by other families seeking out new opportunities, TAG offers Programs That Fit. TAG members have children of all ages, and their interests and needs vary accordingly. For this reason, this year's programs are divided into two general groups, those that apply to primary grades and those that apply to secondary grades. Some programs may be held on individual campuses, such as the Brown Bag Speaker Series (offering a look at creative occupations that Career Day doesn't cover!) at Westlake High School the second Tuesday of each month. Other programs are held in the Fine Arts Building at WHS.

The Eanes TAG has several very active Committees that research issues in curriculum, classroom delivery, GT program options used here and elsewhere, extracurricular activities, educational opportunities on the Internet, and legislative actions that affect education. Members are free to participate on committees that match their interests and needs.

How Do You Join?

Dues for the 1999-2000 school year are $20 per family, $10 for single parent, and $5 hardship. TAG dues are tax-deductible. Membership includes the Eanes TAG newsletter and use of TAG research and library materials. For more information, contact TAG Membership Chair at PO Box 163004, Austin TX 78716.

What is a GT Child Like?

The GT child looks like any other child. He or she eats, sleeps, plays, hugs, and laughs like any child. There are several characteristics, however, that often become apparent in kids ages 2-5:

(Source: U.S. Office of Gifted and Talented via TAGFAM)