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Honey, The Septic Tank's Acting Up Again!

This blog, starting on the next page, contains the experiences of families that have septic tanks. If your onsite waste disposal septic system (usually a septic tank with a leach field) started acting up, and you found a way to get it working again, please share that information with others.

Septic tank problems can cause toilet stopup's and sewage overflows. Proper septic tank cleaning can prevent this.On the other hand, if you thought something would work but it didn't, please let us know that also.

The septic tank problem might be broken pipe, roots, leech field failure, high water table or something else. It might just be bad septic tank design. For whatever reason, the wastewater isn't leaving your house and now you have a very unpleasant backup and possibly expensive septic repair. And, it's an environmental problem!

E-mail your answers to webmaster -AT- What was the problem? What did you do to fix it? How long ago? Did it work?

Check back from time to time to see what others have said about septic systems, grey water / gray water, composting toilets and even outhouses! (Caution: Do your research before purchasing a composting toilet. You may find that your septic tank problems weren't so bad after all.)

Note: The owner of this web site cannot vouch for the efficacy, accuracy, legality, truthfulness, safety or common sense, or lack of same, of any of these replies. Use these ideas at your own risk! If you aren't certain, contact your local health department or other governing authority.

Click here to read the real-life experiences of other septic system owners, and learn what works for them.

Foreclosure? The worst-case scenario is that an expensive septic-tank repair will leave the homeowner unable to make mortgage "underwater" in more ways than one. If this is your situation or bankruptcy is a possibility, a website about strategic foreclosure may help you decide how to proceed. 

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