Video Gaming on PC Hardware 

compared to 

XBOX 360 , Playstation Portable and Others

Electronic gaming is a very popular pastime. It is not solely the territory of children and teenagers anymore. Even adults are getting seriously into gaming for both the PC and for the various gaming consoles that are out in the market right now. 

A common question that crops up regarding electronic gaming revolves around comparisons – which among PC gaming or console gaming is the better gaming experience. Supporters from each camp are quite vocal and passionate about their support for their gaming platform of choice. But ultimately it is up to the gamer to the decide which one offers the best possible gaming experience for his level of dedication to electronic gaming. 

Below are some pros and cons about the two general gaming platforms – PCs and consoles:

Console and/or portable gaming advantages:

Cost. This is the most telling advantage of console gaming over PC gaming. The price for a PS2 or an Xbox would only be enough to buy a great quality PC video card. 

Out of the box playability. With consoles, you are ready to play straight out of the box. There’s no need to consider PC requirements, installing the game, updating drivers, and tinkering with PC settings just to make a game run. With a console, just pop in the game disc and you’re ready to play. Even a console as advanced as the Xbox 360 still offers the same ease of use.

Multiplayer gaming is easier. Configuring a console to play multiplayer games is easier because of exclusive online gaming services like Microsoft’s Xbox Live. 

Games are easily rented. There are thriving game rental stores and all of the owners of these stores agree that console games are easier to rent firstly because it cannot be copied not like PC games.

Console games are easy to play. The learning curve of console games are shallower than PC games, where you need to take a very detailed tutorial before you even get to play a single mission.

PC Advantages

Deep game library. There are more PC games in the market right now compared to console games. PC games are also offered in more diverse genres and the online capabilities of PC-based games are more mature.
You can do more with a PC. The PC is a multi-application machine. It is not solely just for games. There are many productivity applications that you can use on your PC and of course you can surf the net with it. 

Computer monitors. Computer monitors offer better resolutions compared to TV sets. The resolutions inherent in PCs make graphics all the more attractive to look at.

Upgrade path. With PCs, obsolescence is not really a problem because you can upgrade components in order to run games that have higher system requirements.

Cutting edge gaming technology. PC games always lead in terms of gaming technology. Almost all of the innovations in gaming are first seen in PCs first before they are ported to consoles.